Mediatoon - Little Urban [Media-Participations]

Mr Julien Boulesteix/Foreign Rights Manager Little Urban is a hot-air balloon in the shape of an elephant that took off six years ago, in 2015, with barely a few titles in its basket. Since then, it has travelled through many worlds, from the kingdom of giant search-and-fi nd books to the realms of picture books and the land of early readers. Along the way, it has made fabulous encounters with fantastic authors and projects. It will drift on even further, carrying incredible artists such as Barroux, Églantine Ceulemans, Benjamin Chaud, Loïc Clément, Anne Montel, Jess Pauwels, Maurèen Poignonec, Héloïse Solt, and many more.


Children's Books
Comic Books & Graphic Novels