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Mme Ieva Vaitkeviciute/Foreign Rights Manager Prick up your ears. The music that Didier Jeunesse admires is in every word, every picture of our books. We aim to introduce kids to the pleasure of sharing them out loud, be it laughing at wacky rhymes, singing famous jazz songs or simply listening to a captivating story. Our high-quality books have inspired the imagination of an entire generation since the release of the first publication in 1988; some of them have even become classics. The catalogue has now over 550 titles, including board books, picture books, interactive sound books, books with cds and young adult fiction. The series such as “À Petits Petons”, “Loup Gris”, “Mon petit livre sonore”, as well as our talented authors and illustrators have a broad fan base, from children to childhood professionals.


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