Dada [Arola]

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Mme Stéphanie Vernet/Foreign Rights Agent Since 1991, DADA is the leading series in France to learn about art in schools and homes. More than 240 issues published until now, with around 10 000 copies sold each time (through bookshops and subscriptions). We believe at DADA that all sorts of art are equally interesting. So we deal with painting, sculpture but also photography, cinema, architecture, street art... In our catalogue, Leonardo da Vinci meets Tim Burton, Monet is next to Warhol and Rodin lives with Le Corbusier and Miyazaki! DADA has been created to bring art to anyone, whether they are a child, a parent, a teacher, a grandpa... We use simple but not childish words to explain the artists and their techniques, that we illustrate and comment with beautiful pictures of their works. We want DADA to please your mind... and your eyes.


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