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Mme Marie Garnero/Editor Sabine Wespieser éditeur is an independent literary structure that publishes fiction, French and foreign texts, on the cadence of a dozen titles per year. Focusing on the construction of a catalog, Sabine Wespieser publishes a little and privileges a policy of authors: Diane Meur, Tiffany Tavernier, Marie Richeux, Michèle Lesbre, Vincent Borel, Yanick Lahens or Louis-Philippe Dalembert for the French domain; Edna O’Brien, Claire Keegan, Nuala O’Faolain, Fiona Kidman or Robert Seethaler for the foreign domain. On the side of recent discoveries: Dima Abdallah, Clarence Boulay and Conor O’Callaghan. The publishing house counts about two hundred titles and 60 auhors. Sabine Wespieser éditeur won the 2006 Prix Femina étranger in 2006 for The History of Chicago May by Nuala O'Faolain, the Grand Prix des lectrices de ELLE for Terre des oublis by Duong Thu Huong in 2007, the Prix RFO in 2009 for La Couleur de l'aube by Yanick Lahens, the Prix Page des libraires in 2010 for Antoine et Isabelle by Vincent Borel, the Prix Femina in 2014 for Bain de lune by Yanick Lahens and the Prix RTL-LIRE and the Prix des Libraires 2015 for "Amours" by Léonor de Récondo. In 2019, Edna O'Brien received a Special Femina Award for the ensemble of her work.


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