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Mme Séverine Zorzetto/Foreigh Rights Director Reference books with stunning photographs, illustrated and light-hearted non-fiction, picture books to share, novels to escape reality, wonderful bo x sets to discover and understand… La Martinière and La Martinière Jeunesse: books to see the bigger picture! Since 1992, Éditions de La Martinière have been publishing illustrated books characterized by powerful visual writing involving different elements: auteur photography, documentary photography, heritage, fine art, travel, illustration, film, music, fashion and lu x ury. Over the years, the catalogue has become richer and has reinforced the identity of the Éditions de la Martinière as a publishing house motivated by enthusiasm and creativity. Since 1995, La Martinière Jeunesse has published children’s books for all age groups. Renowned for its series comprising beautiful photographs as well as its non-fiction series for teenagers, La Martinière Jeunesse has always created innovative formats and styles to transmit knowledge to children and teenagers in the most attractive way.


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